• python graph searches packages
  • Discussion about the articles published in each blog.
  • Develop a graph (p. 64 chapter 4, WINSTON book) representing a network of cities and its connections.
  • Develop the same idea as above, but with 20 nodes. Be able to explain these programs by Tuesday February 9th.
  • keep posting on blog
  • Find articles related to Artificial Intelligence
  • Mining web pages: language processing to understand human languages, summarize blogs posts and more. (p.181, chapter 5,  Mining the Social Web)
  • Investigate about the artificial intelligence ethics
  • investigate about  ray kurzweil 
  • alan turin article: computing machinery and intelligence
  • artificial intelligence debate: pros and cons. present a monography.
  • create a list (4 each) to follow in twitter, professionals or experts in AI field.

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